Importing Aeries Data

For districts using Aeries, Signal Kit utilizes the Aeries API to import data. Once you have the settings to your liking in Aeries, you just need to provide us with: 1) the URL of the Aeries portal we’ll be syncing with, 2) the security certificate for then endpoints, and 3) any options you want set for the sync. Just let us know when you’re ready and someone on our team will be happy to assist you!

Mapping Aeries fields to Signal Kit fields

Many Aeries admins are familiar with the database scheme in Aeries as opposed to the Aeries API. The information in the tabs below shows the fields that Signal Kit uses from the Aeries database via the Aeries API.

Endpoints used: /v2/schools/

Unique ID: LOC.CD/SchoolCode

Signal Kit object name: Group


  • LOC.NM/Name =>
  • LOC.CD/SchoolCode => Group.type

Other Notes

  • LOC.CD/SchoolCode value of 0 = Group.type of district
  • LOC.CD/SchoolCode value other than 0 = Group.type of school

Requesting A Sync

Signal Kit pulls data from Aeries at a regular interval - once every 12 hours. We also provide a button in our UI to manually request a sync between those two occurrences. The request Aeries sync endpoint allows you to retrieve the latest sync status as well as request a fresh sync.