Importing SIS Data via CSV Upload

Before you do anything in Signal Kit, you’re going to need some data to interact with. We assume you are able to gather a basic set of information that we’ll define in this document. Working on that assumption, sending data to Signal Kit is as easy as calling any other HTTP-based API you’ve used in the past. View the API

Some fields may be marked as provisional - meaning we plan to eventually support this field in the application and it is safe to add to your files if you already have the data available.

CSV File Formats

CSV data imports require that you include the file types defined in the tabs and tables below.

Details id name
Required? Yes Yes
Format String String
Notes Unique to each school. Referenced by several other files. Name of the school. Must be unique to prevent users from selecting an incorrect school in the front-end.

Example Content

100,Pacific Crest Elementary School
200,Pacific Crest Middle School
300,Pacific Crest High School
400,Pacific Crest Continuing Ed.